preston absolute 36 feeder chair
Preston Absolute 36 Feeder Chair
PRE ORDER ITEM! Perfect for long sessions, the Preston Absolute 36 Feeder Chair offers match and coarse anglers a super stable fishing chair with all the attachment benefits of a seatbox set up. Supplied with four 36mm legs, the 36 feeder chair also comes with two additional 36mm banksticks that enable you to attach any Offbox accessory such as the double knuckle side trays. This is what makes the chair well suited to feeder angling methods. It is also an ideal chair for attaching items such as rod or pole rests. The seat itself incorporates an extremely comfortable mattress so that you are sitting and fishing in the most comfort possible. The Absolute 36 Feeder Chair can be easily packed away with the folding backrest and removable legs which can both