As part of our growing business, we have our own complex of lakes, comprising of 4 lakes, available to fish throughout the year on a day ticket.

We have developed the lakes, into a clean and tidy venue to enjoy your fishing, with comfortable pegs on each lake.

We purchased the lakes in 2007, the lakes were formerly known as spring valley waters, and were originally only two lakes, the first was excavated in 1993 and is known as Oliver, its design is similar to a moat, ideal for pole fishing. The second lake known as Ben was created over the winter in 2001 and not long after a third lake known as lee, several strip lakes were excavated after lee lake, recently the strip lakes have been developed into one lake called Gracie. The complex of lakes can be seen from the northbound carriageway of the M1 motorway just past junction 39 as you head towards Leeds, but to get to it, anglers have to go into Wakefield and head out towards Huddersfield, follow the signs for the Slazenger sports centre, take a left turn onto green lane and follow the railway line down to the motorway and you cannot miss the water. Postcode for your sat nav is WF4 5DY.

All our lakes can be booked for match fishing 01924 263500 and there will always be somewhere to pleasure fish. Bailiff will collect money on the bank and give out tickets which will allow you to fish any lake (if not match booked).

Ben Lake
This lake is a match and pleasure lake, it contains carp to [15lb] barbel to [5lb] bream to [4lb] roach and perch. It has 22 pegs to fish from and during summer can produce some good weights of 50lb to a 100lb. Summer baits are meat and pellet winter red maggot.

Lake record 128lb 14ozs peg 22, fishing 6meters ledge and 14 meters ledge and margins are the main fishing methods and bomb or method to middle,depth 3ft-6ins to 4ft middle margins 2ft.

Lee Lake
This is also a match and pleasure lake with the same fish as Ben (contains carp to [15lb] barbel to [5lb] bream to [4lb] roach and perch) only a bit bigger and depths and fishing methods the same.

It has 20 pegs and the lake and venue record weight is 159lb 15ozs peg 1.

Oliver Lake
This summer will be turned into silver fish and small carp lake,fishing far edge will produce but fishes well all over. Depth of 3ft-6ins to 4ft in the middle and 2ft to 2ft-6ins at the margins, all types of fishing here produce good weights.

Best baits here are meat and corn. The lake record stands at 116lb 10oz. Matches can be booked on this lake.

Gracie Lake
The lake is now one pond with an island or feature off every peg to fish to, Depth in the middle is 4ft and the margins are 2ft.

There are 39 pegs and the biggest fish to be taken out of the pond was a 21lb Ghostie Carp, Blue Orf to 4lb and many more species of fish and is also the only lake with tench in.